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Updated Sunday March 25, 2018 by Manchester VT Youth Baseball.


Beginners Baseball -  This is a six week program that takes place every Saturday morning for 1 hour and is designed for 5 and 6 year old players as well as first year 7 year old players.  We put a strong emphasis on small groups and keeping kids engaged.  We work on throwing, hitting, fly balls, ground balls, and sliding (always a child favorite).  This program encourages parental involvement.  Please contact MYB if you would like to assist in coaching this program.  Target start date 4/28/18.  Participation is Free but you must register.

AAA  -  Our coach pitch program introduces kids to a team environment as well as game play.  Most teams will practices or play games 2 to 3 times a week.  At MYB, we value practices for development more than games but realize the importance in keeping kids engaged playing games.  We emphasize having fun at this level.  If you are interested in helping coach, please contact MYB.  Participation is $65 for the year.

Minors  -  Our minors program continues to focus on player development.  At this level games are played with kids pitching and umpires are now introduced with an expanded game play environment.  There are generally 4 practices or games per week.  Participation is $95 for the year.

Majors  -  Our Majors program continues with a focus on player development.  At this level we move the bases back and continue to expand the game play by allowing leading on the base paths by runners.  Participation is $95 for the year

15U  -  This is the age group that graduates to the larger field with 90ft basepath.  More information HERE.

13U  -  Softball  -.  Target start spring 2018.  If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us get this program off the ground, please contact